About us

Digitalist was born in the Nordics, with roots dating back to 1994, but today we are active in four countries with satellite offices around the world – With over 250 specialists spread over studios in Europe and North America. We are a stock listed company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, and serve 15% of the S&P 500 companies.

Fuelled by insight and innovation, and leading-edge capabilities in brand, design, tech and CRM, we champion a holistic perspective on customer experiences and future-proofing businesses.



The way we work

The multi-competence team composition can vary throughout the project to ensure you get just the right resource at just the right time in the project. With this model, you are able to leverage all our capabilities to make you future-proofed.

Understanding that in order for businesses to stay relevant, it would be essential to break traditional silos and embrace the clash of ideas and expertise.



What’s in it for you?

By partnering with us you gain traction quicker, we have a tested methodology for fast innovation and over twenty years experience in transformation projects and digital solutions.

Primarily, your job is to make sure your current business stays relevant. With unbiased expertise, it is beneficial to bring in a team from the outside, to focus on issues that may not matter in one week’s time, but will in a year.



Our culture

To us, the world will become a better place through technological advancements, people interactions, and the culture of unity. We are Digitalists

We embrace the diversity of our competencies, backgrounds, and networks. Regardless of our capabilities, we share a strong belief in the power of collaboration; information and knowledge sharing.

Customer success to us is never just project delivery, because of our strong belief in Co-Creation, your success becomes our success.



Our values


Empowering people

We have a clear direction, a mandate, to make decisions to do things differently. Trendsetters and trailblazers.

Power of collaboration

Only by sparring across our competence areas, and strengths are we able to celebrate successful co-created futures.

Improving by Learning

Digitalist fosters a learning environment that encourages knowledge sharing for better creativity and thought leadership.

Customer success

We are brave yet humble, agile yet always challenging our client in a positive direction. You may find more of our successful cases here.