In Finnish language the word ‘ai’ means some sort of surprise or astonishment, (oh?). You can emphasize the word by combining it with another word, ‘ai niinkö’ (oh, really?). Letters ‘a’ and ‘i’ are also part of many important words. By saying ‘aivan’ you indicate that you understand what the person is telling you (correct). ‘Aivot’, on the other hand, is our most important asset: brain. One peculiar detail is that ‘ai’ is a synonym for bradypus tridactylus, a three-toed sloth.

Consequently AI also means artificial intelligent, which is the topic of today. We hope that this seminar is the kick-start for you to start exploring the possibilities of AI in your organisation and business.

As always, whenever new technology emerges, there’s a pain to get started. Only fraction of the companies truly understand how to build AI into their business. Even fewer are intergrating it into their operations. Still ignoring it is the worst mistake to make. Ai ai (oh, that’s bad).

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DAY 1 – Broad Understanding

/ Define AI goals

/ Identify what AI (mini) problems would you like to solve

/ Define what will help you to reach your goals

/ List and prioritize the problem statements

/ Data cleansing and pre-processing solutions

DAY 2 – Deep Dive

/ Continuing data cleansing and pre-processing solutions

/ Possible and not-so possible solutions

/ SWOT analysis of the solutions

/ Cost, effort, schedule, estimates for solutions and next steps


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