Anssi Karvinen

About Me

According to my track record, I am extremely goal oriented business savvy software/IT project leader and I always drive for the highest possible business value in an agile, efficient, innovative, systematic and pragmatic way. Also, I have excellent track record in organizing large, international groups to perform complex tasks together and on a timely manner.

My negotiation, presentation and documentation skills are said to be on excellent level. My way of expressing matters is always well analyzed, structured and prioritized in order to all stakeholders make decisions effectively.

I’ve been working in several manager positions, both, on a supplier and customer side. I have 15 years experience in many different types of IT projects as well as being the head of operations of the whole solution delivery organization of the company.

I believe that I am a true team player and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. I actually genuinely enjoy leading and supporting teams forward as they implement their plans and goals. And I am hard working person, but with the positive attitude.

I’ve been told that besides my determined way of driving assignments to their goals, I am also easy and fun to work with.

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