About us

Times have changed. Digitalisation has reached the agendas of all aspects of society. While most organisations interpret digitalisation primarily as a means of improving their efficiency, the competitive edge of the future will be earned by those that take the leap and transform their customer experience from end-to-end. Those that believe that this era of great disruption is also an era of great opportunity to grow real value in people’s lives.

Born in the Nordics, Digitalist was formed guided by the belief that the future is co-created. Understanding that in order for businesses to stay relevant, it would be essential to break traditional silos and embrace the clash of ideas and expertise. That’s why we work united as silo-breakers in diverse and international teams with a wide variety of competences. This way of working inspires innovations and challenges our clients to think beyond their boundaries – capturing the opportunities of our era while growing the value for all in the relationship between people, businesses and greater society.

Fuelled by insight and innovation, and leading-edge capabilities in brand, design, tech and CRM, we champion a holistic perspective on customer experiences – future-proofing businesses through the ultimate fusion of high tech and high touch.

From the strategies we make to the relationships we create, Digitalist is your customer experience innovation partner from ideas to life.

Digitalist Group has a comprehensive offering that offers customers all-encompassing services in digitalisation, technology, design, brand strategy, insight, innovation and CRM.

Today Digitalist Group is an Customer Experience Innovation company with 280 employees in Studios located in Helsinki, Stockholm, London, San Francisco and Vancouver. The company employees an international pool of specialists from all over the world and works to provide service design, brand innovation and digital solutions for multitude of market leading customers.