Digitalist Forest in a Nutshell

Digitalist is in a constant change; we evolve together with the planet. We are making a positive impact on the world through our expertise, and now we take action towards climate change by starting to compensate our carbon footprint. To grow a forest is not a romantic idea to “greenwash” our conscience, it is our duty as leaders of the world.

This year we will have several events to share our knowledge, for each event we will highlight the Digitalist of the Week who will be invited to write a blog. Our purpose is to plant a tree every time we receive a new blog from the Digitalist of the week and from you. Join us in the recuperation of the Páramo ecosystem from the destructive human activities. The Digitalist forest will grow in the mountains of Colombia in a fragile ecosystem called Páramo.

It is a calm place located between 2700 to 5000  meters above sea level where people go to connect with nature. If you are lucky, you can see deer or the spectacled bear. I have also seen tons of different birds, including hummingbirds. Every plant there has a purpose: to collect water drop by drop from the mist.

For decades the Páramo has been used for agricultural purposes. In the recent years, its degradation is reaching alarming levels due to mining, cattle raising, and climate change. This biodiversity hotspot is the source of the 70% of the drinking water in Colombia. It is also rich in gold and coal.

Paramo Savers is a non-governmental organization that seeks to create awareness about the importance of the Paramo ecosystem and the consequences of climate change. They will be in charge of the execution of the project which will last two years.

Our initiative not only has an environmental impact, but it will also support the community that is protecting this ecosystem. There will be Stories; you can follow them, the growth of the Digitalist Forest and your tree by subscribing to our newsletter or by following Digitalist on social media.