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Kombispel runs traditional lotteries and sells scratch cards. Founded in 1956, the company has a long history of developing safe and entertaining lotteries. Digitalist was commissioned to redesign and build the new version of kombispel.se.

The Swedish gambling market faces a major overhaul that is expected to be in place in 2019. The reorganisation will most probably include, in part, new conditions for all operators, and, above all, an online gaming licence system.

Kombispel had the ambition of improving several KPIs at the same time as launching the new site. The long-term goals are to offer the customer a better experience, to be seen as a more of a future-focused company, increase digital sales, and, in the future, to be able offer the conversion of winnings into other products or online games, for example. The main development goal of the project is to produce the first responsive version of kombispel.se on the Umbraco platform.



  • The site will offer a great user experience that strengthens the customer relationship
  • Be responsive and develop “mobile first”
  • Cultivate loyalty and make the customer feel like he or she is playing the right lottery and wants to keep playing
  • Guide existing customers towards additional sales of other lotteries and scratch card packages
  • Convert new customers in an attractive way
  • Be built in a way that webmasters can work time-efficiently
  • Have the preconditions for scalability to more lottery products, online games and an online store.
  • Increase the number of logged in visitors by 700% within 4 months of release of the site.
  • Double lottery sales to existing customers from the turn 2017/2018
  • For those who play digitally and win, to grow the number of “active winnings claims” to 100% by the turn of 2017/2018.
  • Halve the number of phone calls (account creation, login, winnings claims, other web-related questions) to the customer service from the turn of 2017/2018.



The customer already has a .net platform and the requirement was to also develop Kombispel.se on .net to maintain a unified IT infrastructure. We found a solution in collaboration with a new partner, Mirror, who develops on Umbraco, an open source CMS built on asp.net

Much of the analysis work was already done when we were commissioned, so the work was more about understanding and clarifying the existing material.

Digitalist was responsible for visual design, SEO analysis, agile project management, impact measurement and persona mapping, front end development, and acceptance and test management. Mirror was responsible for backend development and agile project management.