Digitalist Growth Hacking Power Breakfast

March 8 @ 8:30 am - 11:30 am UTC+2

A lot of us have been working in growth — growing website traffic, sign ups, new users, returning users, retention levels, newsletter open rates, click rates and revenue. Yet, we haven’t been calling it “growth hacking”. Most companies in Finland are lagging behind in terms of dedicating teams, budget and learning how to generate systematic and incremental growth. Furthermore, they are not fully utilizing the available tools to generate this systematic growth rates. Marketing automation, branded campaigns, analytics, qualitative research, AB testing. All these tools are known, but the way to use them could be a bit different: less silos, more alignment, more converging efforts towards common (growth) goals.

In this event we want to bring examples from growth hackers that are hacking growth way before it was cool — and how they managed to change their company cultures despite all odds. Come over, hop on and leave your impressions: in 2019, we want to help people to understand how simple, essential and easy it is to put growth to work.

If you are not able to be here in person, join our streaming — it’s live! You can participate with comments and questions, or save it to watch later.

WHEN? 8.3.2019 8.30-11.30
WHERE? Digitalist Helsinki Studio, Arkadiankatu 2, 00101 Helsinki, 3rd floor

The event is sold out, but you can follow it live online through the stream! You can find the link to the stream on our homepage on Friday 8.3.2019.



Jumpstart! Why Growth Hacking matters this year, Mikko Mattinen, CCO, Digitalist
Earlier this year, Mikko has posted on LinkedIn that he believes Growth Hacking is a method for the year. Why is that?

North Star Metric: Move fast, break silos and bring growth with metrics for experiences, Sérgio Tavares. ph.D. Lead Consumer Scientist, Digitalist
What’s in it for you: companies spend a lot in creating vision, strategies and high-level goals, but rarely make them clear to their teams what it means in practice. The North Star Metric is a Silicon-Valley import that can help you to deploy your vision, align teams, measure experience and create sustainable, long-term customer growth — one hack at a time.

Ultra hacks! Changing how an industry think, one experiment at a time, Teemu Lehtinen, CEO at KIRAHub, CDO at KIRA-digi
What’s in it for you: Teemu has created a culture of his own in an industry known for its big impact, continuous technological development and traditional ways of working. You will be able to understand how to promote culture shifts in your own industry, and how experiments may play a crucial role in hacking the change.

Entertain us! The challenges in launching new services in the age of (local) streaming and on-demand, Sanna Reunanen, Head of Viaplay & Viafree Finland at Nordic Entertainment Group
What’s in it for you: A new service is always a challenge, especially when the need to manage partners, stakeholders and an eager digital audience are always watching. Learn the main pitfalls, strategies and vision takeaways that may help you out when reaching for a broad online audience.

Working in traditional business: what’s your excuse? Can we go public with a beta service? For sure!, Toni Ruuska, Digital Sales Channel Lead at Posti Group Oyj
What’s in it for you: Posti is a company that is part of the Finnish soul. Changes face the scrutiny of business leads, management, partners and the public eye. How do you innovate and change in this type of culture? Against all odds, Toni’s team was able to break traditional culture and instill a model of hacking innovation: launch faster, test, learn and go live — before the 1.0 version was ready. What’s the secret?

What Millennials Want: deciphering the hearts and minds of a demanding, opinionated and extremely social generation, Tiina Hovi, Head Of Marketing & Digital at Finnkino Oy
What’s in it for you: Millennials are a hard-to-get audience, and to a great extent they the laboratory audience for digital engagement, user experience adherence and social behavior. Finnkino has the peculiar position of owning content engagement, digital usage and physical social spaces in one service — learnings you can take for your own business and position when designing or developing new ideas.

Discussion, networking & more​



Teemu Lehtinen
Teemu Lehtinen, CEO at KIRAHub, CDO at KIRA-digi
Teemu’s research focuses on the interplay between contractual, organizational and technological integration: how to make things happen? He has run hundreds of business experiments in a variety of innovation projects related to contemporary living spaces: digitalising the Helsinki city plans, traffic data transfers, living-as-a-service. Teemu is a doctoral candidate at SimLab, Aalto University, and recently a visiting research scholar at Global Projects Center (GPC), Stanford University.


Sanna Reunanen

Sanna Reunanen, Head of Viaplay & Viafree Finland at Nordic Entertainment Group
Sanna has been an active player in bringing the first on-demand entertainment services to the Nordics. Leading partnerships, content rights management and developers, she has launched numerous new services to the online entertainment market. On her daily basis, she has dealt with giants like World Cup of Hockey, PGA European Tour, Basketball Europa League, Viaplay, Viasat and many others.

Toni Ruuska

Toni Ruuska, Digital Sales Channel Lead at Posti Group Oyj
Toni has a strong background in media, eCommerce and digital transformation. He has worked with Finnish user-centric leaders like Sanoma, and, helping them to develop and monetize their digital consumer business and B2B services. Toni is currently leading data-driven customer experience development in Posti.


Tiina Hovi

Tiina Hovi, Head Of Marketing & Digital at Finnkino Oy
Tiina has a versatile background in ecommerce, customer experience, digital marketing, search engine marketing and business development. She has worked for trendsetters like Meltwater and Forrester, and has an impressive track record of lifting numbers in digital sales, conversion rates, loyalty engagement and online user bases.

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Date: March 8 @ 8:30 am - 11:30 am UTC+2


Digitalist Helsinki

Arkadiankatu 2
Helsinki, 00100 Finland

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