We co-create tomorrow's experiences

From Ideas to Life

Digital transformation creates new opportunities, but also complexity. Our mission is to help brands make complex into simple and abstract into concrete. We create tomorrow’s solutions today together with our customers, partners and network influencers. Together we design digital transformation, deliver new ideas, new thinking and solutions.

Our value is based on high expertise in discovering, designing and delivering new ideas, data and solutions through our Digitalist ecosystem. Our people, methodology and ecosystem approach make us a unique combination for delivering ideas to cash.

Digitalist is more than just one company. We see it as an open movement created by people and organisations for digitalisation. We hope to spend the best years in business together with all Digitalists.

Our co-creative studios in Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Sweden and Finland form a base for engagement. Together with the expertise of our 250 innovators, technologists and creative minds we stand at the crossroads of insight, technology and design while creating winning customer experiences.


Our Expertise


Digital Strategy
Vision Workshop
Research & Insight
User Insight
Business Insight
Service Concept Design
Business model creation
Business Validation


Concept Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Interactive Prototypes
Usability Testing
Heuristic Evaluation
User Testing
Long-Term Usability Study


Solution Architecture Design
Web Development
Mobile Development
Embedded Software Development
HW Design and Production
Quality Assurance
Service Management