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Let us introduce you to these amazing ecosystems of Ticknovate, our versatile ticketing ecosystem. And LeanLab, our interactive platform for your community and customer experience.

Ticknovate™ - Innovative ticketing ecosystem

Ticknovate™ is a market-changing and versatile ticketing ecosystem that allows you to operate and conquer an increasingly competitive landscape. A solution that drives growth, performance, and can easily meet your ticketing needs.

Ticknovate™ puts flexibility and scalability at the heart of your business. It creates effective workflows across your organisation, elevating the customer experience, and drive revenue with every click.

Our solution can seamlessly integrate with your business. All inquiries please email:


LeanLab – The link between you and your customers

LeanLab is an interactive platform that helps you connect and form communities with your customers. This allows you to engage directly and build a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs.

Using your insights, immediately your customers feel more valued, generating additional advocacy for your brands.

LeanLab has delivered more than 500 projects globally, with studies ranging from a hundred to more than 12,000 members. You can run projects yourself, or we can help you build, manage and moderate. Request a demo from:

Digitalist Experience Store

The Digitalist Experience Store is a proprietary white-label App Store content platform. It’s designed to help companies deliver and monetize digital content and inspire customer loyalty. It is a powerful eco-system that fully supports brand customization and provides an additional revenue stream through app purchases, advertising, and sponsorship takeovers. All inquiries please email:

Digitalist Experience Store

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