// April 28 2020

Gamification Trends in Employee Experience 2020 (With FREE Downloadable Report)

The birth of customer experience (CX) as a concept is relatively a new one, and it is evolving faster than ever before. User experience and customer insights are improving the key touchpoints, and companies are becoming increasingly aware of how important digital touchpoints are for their customers. No business goes unaffected by the tidal waves of digitalization, but what companies now have come to realise is that it isn’t just the digitalization and the touchpoints of CX that needs focus. Forward-facing organisations are starting to recognize that the focus also has to turn inwards – towards their employee experiences (EX).

In this report, we will examine the five trends of gamification that we believe will drive employee engagement and help companies drive change in their business. Download FREE ‘Gamification Trend and Benchmark Report 2020’.

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If you want to discuss gamification and how it could be applied to your organisation, please contact:

Esa Nettamo
Chief Design Officer, Digitalist

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