Ville Tolvanen // November 16 2018

I seek not power, nor glory

The World is full of assemblers, who are looking for power, responsibility and status. They think power and responsibility will make their lives easier. They imagine themselves ready to be at the top and to take things a bit more casually. They couldn’t be more wrong about leadership in everyday life.

The leader is the compost of everyday life. The leader is who receives the emotions from clients, employees and owners on everything done, all results and the direction of the company. More often than not the director is on his/her own regardless of a good board of directors, all the help and a great staff. At least in his/her thoughts and responsibilities the leader is on his/her own. A great company is built so that power and responsibilities are spread on different levels in such a way, that even the leader is not left alone in his thoughts.

Do you want to decide how things go? Don’t seek for power, status or glory but make a promise of responsible actions, results and tomorrow. Power should never be given, it always should be earned. The only way to power is a promise of sacrifice in your own wellbeing in favor of the organization. Power is only given to someone who commits to carry the everyday life on his shoulders in the midst of all the s*it without making a fuss about it.

Leadership is often personified to certain people, though actually it is a mutual process of the company. What looks like leadership is an operation co-created by the organization. Leadership is successful when all the pieces of the puzzle find their places and people working on the puzzle feel like they are nailing it. A good leader is a catalyst, who reflects the success of organization.

Leadership is not a process that starts from the leader. Leadership is the synthesis of responsibility, exercise of power and answering. An equation that provides results in equilibrium with the organization and its different representatives. Don’t seek for power and glory, seek responsibility and worries about tomorrow. Best everyday grinders and people in charge may sometimes experience glory when everybody succeed together.

Success is born when attitude and courage to bear the whole burden meet. 

– V


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