Future proofing businesses

Together with our ecosystem of partners and network, we use our expertise to co-create a digitalisation journey of any company, from assessing the current situation and identifying the path forward. We seek out problems and potential future downfalls, we look for possibilities of a business in the Digital Era. We insure your company for future by creating the services of tomorrow.

Our mission is to build a strong Customer Experience for the customers of our clients, and work continuously together with our clients to develop the brand, the offering, the technology and design of a company.

With insight at the core, we find and implement new ways to benefit from digitalisation.

We help discovering a digital strategy based on what current and future customers want and what they expect. We use our best knowledge and experience of design and develop forward-thinking and engaging digital services using the latest technologies.

Our insight capabilities provide all critical customer insight needed to develop products and services. We use insights to evaluate the situation and form strategies for the future. As we implement the insights to our design services, we are able to provide best possible customer experience. Our technical expertise is used to build and test the best solutions for unique needs of every company. And after a successful launch of a digital service, we are already looking forward and analysing what the future should hold for a company and how to reach best results through co-creation with our clients.

Insight - Key to a successful Customer Experience

Our insight services allow to truly understand the customers and the end users of products and services. We evaluate and analyze and we do user testing to give us further insight.

We help companies to connect with their customers and to understand the solutions provided to fulfil any needs and solve problems.


Design - Engaging, intelligent and innovative solutions with impeccable User Experience

Our design team is a group of strategists, designers, and creative technologists who share a passion for great design and cutting edge technology. We work as a sparring partner, we workshop and ideate with our customers to come up with innovative ideas and to screen and select the best of them to be realised.

We evolve business and consumer insight into engaging, intelligent and innovative digital solutions.


Technology - Latest technological solutions at your disposal

Our technology expertise give our clients access to all the latest tools and methods within the digital field.

Our technology experts work closely with our customers all the way from the beginning, thus ensuring an end solution that really delivers what is aimed for. We have a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions to suit every need.



We help businesses embrace change and shape tomorrow though future-proofing brands. Our Digitalist Grow specialist experts in brand strategy, insight, communication, design and innovation are uniquely positioned to deliver a brand experience that generates demand and creates real value — today and tomorrow.


Contact Person

Esa Nettamo

Managing Partner, Head of Finland & UK

+358 40 543 1195


Johan Almquist

Managing Partner, Head of Sweden

+46 70 568 70 52


Magnus Leijonborg

Managing Partner, Head of North America