Business disruption recovery

Get ready for the new era of business

The circumstances for doing business, and even for daily life has undergone a significant shift lately. It has not only affected the way we work, most of us working from home now, but it has probably changed the world for new standards.

Is your company one of those that are struggling with how to build their offering to fit into the new world order and how to find the right tone of voice to present it? You might also have realized that there is a need to seek for a new competitive advantage in the new playing field. In the middle of all this you also have to keep in mind that instead of just being reactive, you need to proactively build alternative scenarios and roadmaps for the future. All of this can seem quite overwhelming.

We help you stay relevant now and in the future

We have a long experience in strategic business design and figuring out how to face the future and how to successfully transform businesses is nothing new to us

Our experience and our experts help you to:

  • Analyse your current situation
  • Create scenarios for the changing business environment. 
  • Find ways to modify your business or find completely new opportunities to develop your products or services 
  • Create a well planned and clear roadmap that ensures that you invest your time and money into the right things that will take you forward

Co-create your future completely online

Now all the work needs to be done without physically gathering around the same table, and we have the experience and tools needed to facilitate co-creation workshops 100% online. You can gather your leadership teams together in virtual workshop rooms to collaboratively ideate and plan for various future scenarios. The advantage with these virtual tools is that it’s as easy to also collaborate with your external target groups like customers and end-users. You can workshop with them like you would in a physical space but you can also set up various online communities to make sure that you head in a direction that answers to their needs and requirements in this new kind of world.

One of the best tools for online co-creation is our LeanLab online collaboration platform that we have up and running for you in no time. Through that you can ensure that you don’t miss out on communication with your customers. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to use your existing customer base to ideate and innovate on new services and solutions.

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