Design - Elegant solutions with impeccable User Experience

Our design team works like a sparring partner in figuring out how to best fulfil the needs of customers and end-users. We workshop and ideate with our clients to come up with innovative ideas. We screen and select the best of ideas to be realised. We bring ideas to life.

Our design team works on vastly different projects, from formulating an entire digital strategy to individual digital solutions. Our design experts always ensure that each solution will not only have a beautiful user interface but that the actual user experience is something out of the ordinary. By working closely as one team with our insight, branding and technology experts our design team can guarantee that the end result will turn out as planned and deliver what is promised to a customer.

Our offering of design solutions can be divided into three focus areas: Service & Business Design, Digital Design and Product Design.

Here is what these offerings encompass:

Service & Business Design

We design user-friendly digital services that work with viable growth strategies.

We do this, by using a mixture of proven methods across disciplines, we develop service concepts with an associated business case that create value for all stakeholders and drive growth across channels.

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Digital Design

Digital Design is at the heart of what we do. We design engaging user experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

Our designers are skilled at creating and translating the pixelperfect designs into real software experiences that engage users. We handle the design and software development with our end-to-end services process. Creating a superior User Experiences requires close collaboration with our clients. Together we create a vision for the product and use methods of Service Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design and Front-end development to make real digital products come to life.

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Product & Industrial Design

Digitalist has a long history of designing mobile phones for Nokia. We are masters at product design crafting beautiful and functional smart devices for our clients.

Designing physical products is one of our core strengths. If you have an idea for a product we can help you create it with our product design, software and hardware experts. We also help our clients with the manufacturing process & delivery.

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Contact Person

Esa Nettamo

Chief Design Officer

+358 40 543 1195