Digital Design

Digital Design is at the heart of what we do. We design engaging user experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

Our designers are skilled at creating and translating the pixelperfect designs into real software experiences that engage users. We handle the design and software development with our end-to-end services process. Creating a superior User Experiences requires close collaboration with our clients. Together we create a vision for the product and use methods of Service Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design and Front-end development to make real digital products come to life.


• Create outstanding app or web designs
• Multidisciplinary team approach
• We design for multiple devices and platforms
• End-to-End process
• Usability testing & validation
• Asset creating & Maintenance
• App store delivery


An engaging user experience for an app, website or smart device.

Our Digital Design includes: 

• Scoping
• Workshop
• Design Strategy
• Branding
• Concept Design
• Interaction Design
• Visual Design
• Interactive Prototypes
• Front-End Design
• Usability Testing

Esa Nettamo

Head of Design

+358 40 543 1195