Prototype tomorrow

If you are looking to create new business ideas or already have ideas that you want to validate, we have a set of tried and tested service modules to help you with that.

Idea portfolio creation

To turn innovation investments into growth, you have to define innovation strategy and growth targets. We help you to discover scale-up opportunities by engaging with customers, employees and partners.

  • Define innovation strategy and growth targets.
  • Establish an innovative pipeline
  • Gathering data to prioritize innovation initiatives  
  • Coach teams on customer centricity and lean methodologies

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Concepts prototyping

Exciting concepts may sometimes lack clear actionable steps, however together, we’ll crystallize your value proposition and help you make noticeable improvements.

  • Solution Co-creation workshop 
  • Hypothesis framing
  • KPI and Metrics setting 
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Experiment environment set-up

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Business case validation

We assist established businesses frame and validate new market-changing value propositions by utilising lean startup principles.

  • Validate hypothesis through a set of experiments
  • Measure and analyse collected data 
  • Build an early adopter community 
  • Calculate business case 
  • Craft go to market plan

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Lean culture

Business as usual or business that matters tomorrow? Many companies struggle with creating a profitable business around novelty. One of the key reasons for this is the imbalance of administration and invention, or mastery and originality. We help you by:

  • Creating engagement programs
  • Lean innovation mind-set and toolbox for employee training
  • Organizational design to boost cross-function collaboration and innovation
  • Leadership training
  • Mapping your innovation values and culture   

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