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Atea is the market leader in IT infrastructure and system integration for private and public sectors in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Atea offers a full range of hardware and software from the world’s top technology companies. They design, implement and operate solutions for even the most complex IT requirements. Atea has approximately 6,900 employees and more than 4,000 consultants located in 86 offices across seven countries —Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



Objectives of the Atea Friend (Concierge) MVP project were:


  • To explore and validate how the end user experience of Atea IT support can be brought to the next level.
  • To test how to replace traditional ticket queue based workflow with semi-automated mobile chat experience.
  • To clarify the roadmap for the future development.
  • Implement Minimum Viable Product with IBM Watson to test the service concept


Digitalist’s Input

Digitalist facilitated the design and development of a new mobile drive chat & chatbot UX for Atea’s clients. Design was done in co-operation with Atea’s employees and Atea’s client end users. Development involved training of the chatbot AI.



Digitalist created mobile driven chat & chatbot UX for Atea’s pilot users. Chatbot backend was built with IBM Watson APIs. Users can contact service desk with mobile web application. Chatbot will collect insight of user’s service request and hand over the discussion to human agent if necessary. User agents can manage user discussions and use the data for future service improvements and chatbot training.




Customized Design Sprint & Agile Development & Cloud Operations.


See Mikko Laakkonen, ATEA’s Digital Business Developer, talk about their experiences in using AI in Customer Service:


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Mikko Laakkonen

Digital Business Developer, Atea

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Artificial Intelligence is transforming the service industry and opening new ways to interact with customers. At Atea we wanted to take advantage of this technology tipping point and together with the Digitalist team we co-created Atea Friend together with designers, innovators and technologist from both Atea and Digitalist teams. In true Lean Startup fashion we had the first pilot customers using the services MVP version in less than 8 weeks after kickoff. Digitalist team made our dream a reality with their passion and expertise in rapid service innovation.