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Founded in 1936 by a Finnish inventor and a keen outdoor enthusiast, Suunto is the leading manufacturer of sports watches, dive computers, compasses and precision instruments.



Designing the solutions for the Ambit product family, the company aims to maintain equally high bar of utility and performance with physical products as well as digital solutions.


Digitalist’s Input

Over the years, we have worked alongside with the Suunto’s multi-disciplinary team to support design of the watch and several generations of the app. Through a series of user and expert evaluations, we ensure the right match with the user’s training routine and the seamless experience across the whole ecosystem.


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Antti Kujala

Head of Design, Suunto

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A combination of skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and reliable functionality is an essential part of Suunto design DNA. The prestigious awards received by the Ambit family pay tribute to the hard work and intuitive approach of the entire team who made it what it is. Expertise of Digitalist’s professionals, along with flexibility and performance, makes our co-operation smooth and reliable.