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Eventz.today connects you to local happenings in a new and delightful way, making sure you’ll never miss an opportunity to participate in something you like or stuff you’d like try doing. Eventz.today currently lists more than 3 million events in more than 2300 cities in 180 countries and the number is growing by 50.000 events every day.



 Eventz.today partnered with Digitalist Group to challenge the traditional event discovery – the incumbents in the market. The core idea was to bring decision making closer to the customer. In a bid to fully re-imagine the experience.


Digitalist’s input

The process began by involving lead users to understand global and behavioural trends of users. Results from this study helped to formulate the statement of the challenge ahead. At the same time, the team gathered the business leaders from the media, travel industry and ticketing companies to help define, describe and prioritise objectives for the new solution.



Our research uncovered a rich set of insights on customer needs, business goals, and trends across the scattered market which supported a shared vision for a digitally-driven journey. By refining and testing ideas in practice the team built a detailed concept, an experience and the business models around it.

Aiming to create an intuitive cross-platform solution, we focused on interface design and front-end development on delivering the final experience across a variety of screens. In parallel, back-end development ensured global scalability as well as the integration of content sources not to mention other technology providers and systems.


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Mikko Lintunen

Co-Founder, Eventz.today

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It’s been an exciting journey so far. We are not even a half way through and already we see an amazing experience formulated into a very competitive product in the market. I am super excited to see what’s in store for the next year ahead alone!