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Cargotec’s goal is to become the leader in intelligent cargo handling and their annual revenue is 3.7 billion EUR. Kalmar provides cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres and heavy industry.


We have experience and knowledge in Kalmar automation system development, quality assurance and testing, and project delivery support since 2006. One example of our assignments was to design, build and configure a fail-safe cargo-handling computer.

Digitalist’s input

We designed a setup that is durable and incorruptible. Our team also used a configurable automated test bench setup to push the system to its limits.


Pekka Yli-Paunu

Director, Automation Research, Kalmar at Cargotec

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In the harbour terminal solutions, high reliability is a must-have. Thanks to Digitalist Group our automated control systems run now more reliably and support our expanding global service business needs.