The Challenge:

Gamified Employee Experience platform to improve employee satisfaction, increase route completion and reduce attrition.

The Outcome:

Improved employer perceptions, and improved employee motivation and satisfaction.

The Deliverables:

  • Interactive Employee Experience App (Route Master)
  • Employee Retention & Satisfaction Strategy
  • Employee Gamification Strategy
  • Research and Insights


The main reasons to apply for a job at Posti are the possibility of earning additional income and having flexible working hours which suits well for people in various life situations. Factors that contribute to the appeal are the independent and active nature of the work where you get to work by yourself and some real exercise at the same time. Our goal was to build a platform to support delivery workers in becoming self-driven, motivated, enabled and connected and, in tandem, ensure they know their hard work is recognised by POSTI and consumers.

As today’s model only affects top performers and is viewed as being subjective and non-transparent, one of the biggest opportunities for our gamification project is redesigning their employee experience.

A 5-week pilot phase was introduced in 2 depots; Vallila and Kasarmitori. POSTI supervisors tracked progress primarily on Excel, as well as direct and group WhatsApp text messaging. Daily notifications to each employee were sent, as well as steady observation of total points and badges critically analysed. Employees earned points and badges based on their mail delivery, work, and their overall engagement with the departments of the organisation, whether it be collectively or individually. On a weekly basis, a customised progress screen showcases the level at which the employees are working, and supervisors and fellow employees alike would send encouraging messages for people that are to be mentored or to simply help others with delivering mail.


“It improves performance through additional incentives. It’s interesting to follow work through different data.”

Kasarmitori Mentor

“A couple of times the program has motivated me to deliver the whole route.”

Kasarmitori newbie


The primary goal was established from the beginning and throughout – to reduce churn, motivate and engage employees, provide a flexible workforce, reduce errors, and improve the overall employer brand. Furthermore, it has always been in POSTI’s best interest to provide a fluid and easy onboarding experiences for new employees. With the overall primary goal in mind, it was essential to also address their secondary motivators – to provide better training for new employees, timely mail delivery, create a better team environment, and provide better information on the new model.

Throughout the Route Master pilot, we’ve seen improved perceptions of POSTI as an employer and helped manage expectations towards delivery work. Additionally, positively influenced intentions to remain at Posti by improving motivations and satisfaction towards and during work, whilst meeting delivery targets that are continuously set out.





To begin with, POSTI will send an email with a link directing new recruits to a downloadable app that contains more information on the job and what it entails. New recruits, just by inputting their personal information and profile picture onto their profiles, will receive their first X amount of points to get started. Through the guided steps on the app, the new recruits learn the possibilities to earn points and badges throughout his/her employment, and that can later be traded in for rewards. The app can also introduce the new recruit to his/her teammates, who they would most likely be working with. During the new recruit’s induction phase, he/she will be assigned with a supervisor/mentor to teach the ins and outs of the job.

Upon completing early stage onboarding, new recruits can be notified through the app on their next workday + route and time, he/she will begin work delivering mail. Route completion upon route completion, the new recruits will be able to earn points from engaging with other members of the team or just simply working well enough to the standards that are considered excellent. Additionally, through the app, the new recruits are able to view their weekly summaries including the point totals, badges collected, mail delivered, and kilometres walked.

Additional thanks to Infosys for partnering up with us on this journey, let’s keep it going and hope we get to take on more challenging projects together!

Introducing to you: Posti Route Master.


Contact Person:

Heidi Kulmala

Chris Rawlings

Esa Nettamo