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Finnair is a network airline specialised in flying passengers and cargo between Asia and Europe. Finnair flies to 19 destinations in Asia, seven in the Americas States and over 100 destinations in Europe.

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Taru Annala

Manager, Customer Research / Finnair

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Thanks to the Finnair Customer Community our customers now sit with us at the virtual design table. With the community listening to our customers is easy and efficient.


Finnair integrates the customer’s voice in their product and service development throughout the whole company. Finnair uses LeanLab in its key market areas.


Digitalist’s input

We act as insight consultants in the LeanLab projects. We help in the community recruitment, research design, facilitating and analysing the results. Digitalist Group delivered a turnkey version of LeanLab where the customer is involved in every step of the project.



With several projects and numerous gathered insights from the community Finnair has more tangible and relevant tools for their product and service development.





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Timo Rissanen

Head of Helsinki Ground Experience / Finnair

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Through the Finnair Customer Community we found that despite their busy schedules a group of our customers reserve extra time to visit lounges before their flight. This highlights the role of premium service experience. These findings among other insights have had a significant role in the decisions made in the service development and investments.

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