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Finnair is a network airline specialised in flying passengers and cargo between Asia and Europe. Finnair flies to 19 destinations in Asia, seven in the Americas States and over 100 destinations in Europe. An award-winning Nordic airline bridging Europe-Asia more closely together with nearly 15 million annual passengers.

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Taru Annala

Manager, Customer Research / Finnair

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Thanks to the Finnair Customer Community our customers now sit with us at the virtual design table. With the community listening to our customers is easy and efficient.


To stay fresh and innovative across the end-to-end customer journey Finnair needed a systematic way to stay on the pulse of what customers like, think, feel and wish. Finnair wanted to find a solution that would:

  • Go beyond simple surveys to allow a two-way dialogue with customers to dig deeper into the customer hearts and minds.
  • Connect with customers globally to ensure that the decisions made are based on sufficient and representative data.
  • Support iterative design and develop loop where customers are invited on short notice to have their say on different customer experience and innovation initiatives.
  • Help the non-customer facing teams to connect more closely with customers and help the company to become more customer-centric in their process.


Digitalist’s input

We act as insight consultants in the LeanLab projects. We help in the community recruitment, research design, facilitating and analysing the results. Digitalist Group delivered a turnkey version of LeanLab where the customer is involved in every step of the project.



To solve the challenge LeanLab helped Finnair to build and launch over 1000 people strong customer community across 4 key markets. The customer community represents the customer base across different traveller segments. The ongoing work with LeanLab team is delivering the desired effect:

  • Helped Finnair to integrate customer views to the business and cut global customer insight timelines from 8-12 weeks to 2-4 weeks and in some instances to just days.
  • There is a good adoption of LeanLab across different teams and individuals. It is used on a monthly basis by branding, marketing, cx and digital teams to drive customer-centric decisions.
  • It has helped different teams to get closer to customers than before. Tens and tens of staff members have been closely involved in talking to customers in the community.
  • The community engagement by customers is excellent going even up to 70% and the majority of the members continue to play an active role in the programme since its inception in 2017.





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Timo Rissanen

Head of Helsinki Ground Experience / Finnair

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Through the Finnair Customer Community we found that despite their busy schedules a group of our customers reserve extra time to visit lounges before their flight. This highlights the role of premium service experience. These findings among other insights have had a significant role in the decisions made in the service development and investments.

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