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When the trade union ST, the largest union in the state sector in Sweden, wanted to increase membership value and online visibility, it chose Digitalist.

ST is the largest trade union in state bodies, with over 92,000 members working in state agencies and authorities, state-owned companies, universities, colleges and state-financed foundations.

After initial strategic work and procurement carried out by Duma, Digitalist has been involved in all aspects from preliminary studies, establishing requirements, design concept and architecture to development and day-to-day management. We are also working on continual development.



Anna Walter

Web Strategist, ST

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Working with Digitalist is fun. I appreciate their transparent process and the way they focus on opportunities. The team is professional and extremely competent!


The objectives of the new website were to increase online membership applications, give existing members an increased perception of membership value and a significant reduction in the number of standard questions directed to the customer service.

The new website needed to support the newly developed communication strategy further, focusing on strengthening the organisation’s sectoral identity, with a clear statement that ST is unique and its members are experts in the public sector.


Digitalist’s Input

When it came to requirements, concepts and architecture, Digitalist identified the necessary features, developed wireframes, technical architecture and a completely new design concept to enable ST to get a robust platform to handle their future demands.

Naturally, we have completed training for content editors and practical use of the Google Analytics web analytics tool.

The first version is a responsive personalized website developed in Drupal with customised tools to calculate the cost of joining for different audiences, how much ST’s income insurance yields for its members, and to find their local unions and representatives.



The improvements achieved by the new have exceeded expectations:

  • The number of visitors completing a membership application has increased by about 50%
  • Site loading times have decreased by 40%
  • Visitor engagement on the site, as measured by page views per visitor, has increased
  • Bounce rate – the number of visitors arriving on the site and immediately leaving – has decreased by 30%
  • A large proportion of visitors use the site’s personalisation features

Anna Wickman

Communications Manager, ST

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Digitalist has developed a design concept that has elevated the entire site and greatly contributed to creating a positive user experience.