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 Neofit is a start-up with four Finnish guys who realized that everything about our very being has been virtualised, our hearts and souls exist all over the digital world, but our bodies still remain in the material world. They understood that 3D scanning could be the key in making virtual avatars of anyone.



Taking the actual scan is only the first step of the Neofit user experience, since all the results from the scan are directly transferred to an online system for analysis. To ensure that the high quality user experience continues in the web tool, Neofit needed a partner with good knowledge in user experience and web design.


Digitalist’s Input

Digitalist Group designed and developed the user interface for the Neofit web tool where you can see all your measurement results and your 3D avatar, that is an exact representation of your body. You can move around your avatar in any direction you like, which makes it a totally different experience compared to looking at 2D photos that are commonly used to track the progress in how your body looks.As the key of the Neofit solution is the 3D avatar, a lot of attention was paid into keeping the representation of that avatar as the main focus when designing the web tool.



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Ville Karkiainen

Chairman of the Board, Neofit

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The co-operation with Ixonos has been great. Digitalist Group has given fantastic insight in how to take the end user into consideration when designing digital services. They have really brought the customer experience of our beautiful device into life.