Viking Line

The Challenge:
Digitalisation as an opportunity to build loyalty, drive efficiency, and boost revenues.

The Solution:
Delivered next-generation digital ecosystem with onboard Viking Line app.

The Deliverables:

  • Interaction & visual design
  • Research & Insight
  • Concept Design & Validation
  • Hosting
  • System Integration

For over a half-century, Viking Line vessels have linked countries together across the northern Baltic Sea. Long recognised as the people’s cruise line, the company’s expertise in ferry, retail, and hospitality exceeds customer expectations in travel and leisure. In addition to passenger and cargo transport in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, the company provides bus services.

Viking Line has always seen digitalisation as an opportunity to build loyalty, drive efficiency, and boost revenues. By meeting the demands of digitally empowered customers, the company aims to enhance the entire journey starting well before boarding and continuing beyond arrival. Working collaboratively throughout the design and build process, we delivered the next generation digital ecosystem with an onboard app bridging the gap to the physical world.



The traveller can, by using only the app, perform prior check-ins online, board the ship, and impressively enter her cabin without the need of a physical key card. In addition to mentioned perks, travellers are able to browse through, from the comfort of their cabins, the built-in tax-free shopping catalogue for your desired products. The app includes, in itself, a database of information on specific products allowing passengers to understand the contents of desired items. Furthermore, it is also now possible to plan ahead and add reminders for events that are included in the cruise programme, adding to the ease of overall experience.


“For Viking Line digitalization is the key enforcer for the future business and service creation. We started our digital path together with Digitalist by listening to our customers – and they voted strongly for mobile services. Today, 24 hours after the official app launch, I can say that being a good listener paid off. Our app went directly #1 Travel App in the Finnish AppStore. I want to thank Digitalist for their visionary insight combining the business transformation, design and mobility. It was great to have them on board.”

Peter Hellgren, Executive Vice President, Viking Line


Familiarize yourselves with the Viking Line customer experience digitalisation with a video from our delivery:

Contact Person:
Mikko Sjöblom