Population Register Centre

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The Population Register Centre promotes the digitalisation of society and electronic services in Finland. It maintains and develops the most important data repository in Finland, the Population Information System, provides a public certification system for electronic authentication and develops the common national architecture for public electronic systems.

KaPA (The National Architecture for Digital Services) program with related Suomi.fi services creates a common platform for public and private sector digital services in Finland. The budget of the governmental spearhead program was 100 M€. The most visible outcome of the program is Suomi.fi web service for citizens, companies, and authorities. It offers public administration customers guidance for different life events and access to services, one’s own information and digital messaging easily in one place. It also allows to authorise another person or a company to act on one’s behalf or to use the services on behalf of another person or a company. The e-authorisations can now be made and managed digitally in one place.

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Jani Ruuskanen

Coordinating Project Manager, Population Register Centre

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Suomi.fi -services are developed to support the digitalization of all public sector organizations in Finland. Most of the services are also available for private sector as well. Suomi.fi-services are being used by practically every Finnish citizen and therefore it is extremely import for us to make them as usable as possible with the help of Digitalist usability team.


Objective of our work in KaPA program has been to ensure a high level of user experience for the users of suomi.fi service and all related services, such as messaging and authentication.


Digitalist’s input

Digitalist has been responsible for delivering a variety of user experience related research and validation services for the multi-vendor KaPA program, including a nation-wide LeanLab online community for co-creation with end-users and authorities. Digitalist tasks has included, e.g. user research, usability testing, daily on-site UX consulting, analyzing user feedback sources, surveys, co-creation, and service design activities. We supply a team of design researchers to support the multi-vendor development program, working in a multi-disciplinary, agile team.



Community-based co-creation and user insight services provided by Digitalist have been instrumental in driving the cultural change towards more inclusive and human-centered approach in developing KaPA services.

What started out as a few planned usability tests has until the end of 2017 grown into 26 usability testing rounds on various parts of the service, five extensive user research projects, desktop studies, UX expert evaluations, diary studies online, workshops, and focus groups. Furthermore, the activities are now supported by two nation-wide LeanLab co-creation communities – one for citizens and one for authorities/service providers. All of this has enabled a significant change in the mindset of the program team – now the citizen is truly in the heart of the service development.

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Marko Latvanen

Specialist, Population Register Centre

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In Digitalist’s LeanLab platform we now have a flexible and efficient co-creation tool we truly need to make sure our development work is genuinely user-centric. Our team is a relative beginner in serious co-creation methods but we were able to learn LeanLab and its properties very quickly – we had it in good use with our target groups in practically no time.


User research, usability testing and UX expert evaluation, focus groups, UX consulting, co-creation with Digitalist LeanLab platform, surveys, and service design methods.