Rosendal Fastigheter

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Founded in 2007, Swedish property developer Rosendal Fastigheter (‘Rosendal Real Estate’) builds, develops and sells residential and commercial housing in the northern part of the metropolitan area between the towns of Uppsala and Knivsta.



Rosendal’s goal was to embrace technology in order to make life easier for its residents, identifying today’s tech-reliant generation as the ideal demographic to engage in a new connected living initiative. The project would also modernise the tech-stagnant property development industry, creating a new business model that would provide new revenue streams.

The initial idea for a connected living app soon evolved into a platform that would power its own dynamic micro-community —  where residents, service providers, property managers and local businesses would all benefit.


Digitalist’s Input

Digitalist was selected to build Rosendal’s sustainable community ecosystem. With its sights set on a February 2016 launch date, the team got down to business evaluating the feasibility and technical complexity of the hundreds of ideas presented. Furthermore, each idea was carefully assessed against the company’s four cornerstones: Design, Sustainability, Services, Activity. From residents and property managers to local businesses and service providers, each key community stakeholder would be accounted for and connected through a dynamic, feature-rich app. Weekly meetings were held between Rosendal and Digitalist Group to decide on key elements like UX Design and overall visual style.Version One of the app, available for iOS and Android was designed to facilitate community, increase productivity and make life easier for residents.



Rosendal realised early on that the platform they were developing with Digitalist had far-reaching opportunities— well beyond a single building. The developer spun out technology start-up TMPL (as in ‘temple’) to take ownership of the platform. The new company now manages and maintains the digital service, making the TMPL platform available to other Rosendal properties and other property developers across Sweden. Revenue is generated from white-labeling and licensing to developers as well as from in-platform advertising and transaction fees from local businesses and service providers who want to participate.

Reception to the TMPL platform has been very positive from residents and service providers alike. Furthermore, other property developers have expressed overwhelming interest in implementing the platform into their own buildings.

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Eric Anderbjörk


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The ROI and operational cost savings alone are huge catalysts for adoption of a connected living solution on the part of the property development industry. Add new revenue streams afforded by new business models and you’re looking at the reinvention of an entire industry. The dynamic nature of this new micro-community ensures everyone can get involved in. The next version of the TMPL platform will incorporate smart post boxes and we also have our sights set on features such as smart locks and other in-home connected devices. We look forward to working with Digitalist to continue enhancing and expanding the TMPL platform, setting an industry standard while making sure it achieves our vision of making life easier and better for the people who use it.