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Schneider Electric is the global leader in energy management and automation. With 180 years of corporate commitment, the France-based enterprise provides connected technologies that reshape industries and enrich lives.



With ingenious design philosophy, Schneider Electric aims to deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly to environment and empower people to do more with less. Designing web and mobile projects, the company is facing strict standards, demanding operational environment, and limited technological possibilities.


Digitalist’s Input

Since 2010, we have worked in close collaboration with Schneider’s development teams in Finland. As a trusted partner, we support the entire digital design process, from initial insight studies through the final validation of the solutions with end users.


Timo Punkka

Product Developer Manager, Schneider Electric

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For almost two centuries, Schneider Electric designs technologies that transform the places where we live, work, and play. In a bid to further improve our UX design, we were looking for a partner combining both deep expertise and capacity for seamless collaboration. Over the years, the Ixonos team has been our trusted partner we can count on. Their proficiency in all aspects of UX design, along with capacity to be an integral part of our teams, guarantees that our co-operation will last long.