Sherri Hill

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Recognized as young Hollywood’s go-to designer for the red carpet, Sherri Hill has become synonymous with contemporary formal evening wear for today’s women. Since starting her own company in 2008, Sherri Hill now has dresses in a network of over 1,000 retail outlets in more than 30 countries.



As Sherri Hill dresses are sold exclusively through its expanding network of retailers worldwide, the company is focused on finding innovative ways to connect with customers and better support its retailers throughout the sales cycle. With no e-commerce business or Sherri Hill storefronts, the company understood the value of an app to take ownership over the customer experience.


Digitalist’s Input

Digitalist Group was selected to realize Sherri Hill’s vision for an app that truly bridged the gap between customer and retailer, accompanying the shopper on her journey from dress discovery and selection to in-store purchase and beyond.Truly connecting the digital and physical dress shopping experiences into a unified, cohesive journey for the customer while providing support for the retailer is clearly the desired outcome from the app.


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Dusty Hill

President, Sherri Hill In

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The app is beautiful. A work in progress, it will be further enhanced with additional features for both retailers and consumers. We anticipate that it will be a significant asset to the Spring 2017 season.