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Tarantula AI creates visual depth-effects, AR and VR content utilizing state-of-the-art deep learning and AI. Based in Los Angeles, the company was formed to commercialize a state-of-art AI technology invented by MIT and QCRI.


The biggest challenge facing mobile OEM today is that consumers are demanding depth effects and full-feature cameras but won’t pay for them. Due to high costs of necessary 3D cameras and depth sensors, people are using their phones longer and sales of premium devices are declining.

And when there is a lack of 3D-enabled cameras, there is a lack of content people want. It’s a classic chicken and egg situation.

Tarantula AI has pioneered breakthrough technology that employs deep learning to predict depth from any 2D video or image, while keeping the quality extremely high and costs low.

Tarantula AI wanted to push the accuracy and efficiency of the neural network to the limit and launch a commercial prototype enabled by their technology.

Digitalist’s Input

Based on its understanding of existing solutions and technology requirements, Digitalist utilized its “startup as a service” model to develop a commercial prototype for 2D to 3D photo and video conversion for Tarantula AI.

Digitalist provided the R&D muscle, built the convolution network with TensorFlow and significantly improved its architecture. The final product was deployed on AWS as a Docker image

for client use along with an html5 front-end application allowing for 3D user-generated content creation from any smartphone or tablet.


The commercial prototype of TAI’s first product, IMA/GEN™, is now ready. The software achieves fully automated and highly accurate 2D-to-3D conversion at less than 5% the cost of alternatives. It converts live action photo and video from any source, including 180/360 VR and resolutions from 1080p HD to 8K. The software can be utilized in real time, so it also supports live broadcast.

Tarantula has initiated monetization and is now in talks with major OEM, Camera Apps, TV networks, sports leagues and Hollywood studios, ready to unleash the power of pixels across multiple verticals in media.

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Andre Erthal
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