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Advanced Communications Control for Special Missions



With more than 30 years of experience serving the Police, Security, Fire, Rescue, Military, Maritime and Industrial markets Savox Communications offer unprecedented experience in providing communications products designed for use in demanding and hazardous environments.



The modern threat landscape is complex and tactical teams are challenged by mission scenarios demanding constant situational awareness. Correct responses to quickly changing environment and informed decisions can only be made with full operational overview. Clear and reliable communication is the key factor for mission success. Any equipment should not distract any operators from their main task, in fact they should enhance their capabilities with little or no impact.


Savox Tactical Radio Intercom Controller


Digitalist’s input

Digitalist Group has been supporting Savox Communications in defining customer requirements during the concept creation phase. Savox experts together with the Digitalist Group’s hardware development team created the system hardware and cable integration. The Digitalist Group’s embedded software development team created multifunctional and configurable device software platform. The Digitalist Group’s test expertise was fully utilised to verify that Savox TRICS® is working in extreme cases as well as meeting specifications, and regulation needs.



Savox TRICS® is a tactical radio and intercom controller which meets the communication demands of special missions. Up to two radios and two mobiles can be connected at one time depending on the organisations, individual’s and operational needs. The wearer can use a microphone and headset to easily listen to all the radios. They can speak to specific radios or phones without the need of any UI allowing use in extreme environmental operations so the operator stays focused on their operation or work. It is easy and intuitive to operate change the desired settings too without a UI. This easy-to-use, rugged controller is specially designed according to MIL standards and keeping in mind the various communications needs, tools,channels, and special requirements of the users.

Savox TRICS® is software configurable device that can be customized to meet the communication needs of users to ensure mission success. TRICS® maximizes efficiency as it allows the adaption of up to four different channels or devices and it can be integrated with platform intercom systems. It can be easily customised to specialised needs.


Potential users:

  • Army Special Forces
  • Navy Special Forces
  • Air force Special Forces
  • Border Guard Special Forces
  • Customs Special Forces
  • National Guard Special Forces
  • Drug Enforcement & Control Special Intervention teams
  • Police Special Forces / SWAT
  • Police Anti-Terrorist teams


Savox Communications