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When the trade union Unionen wanted to increase the proportion of online membership applications and improve the user experience of its 640,000 members, they chose Drupal, built by Digitalist.

Unionen is the world’s largest clerical trade union and Sweden’s largest union in the private labour market, with members in large international corporations and small family companies. 

Unionen.se is one of Sweden’s largest websites, employing about 50 editors, with more than 640,000 members and about 1.7 million page views a month.



Unionen works to contribute actively to a better working life for its members. The preliminary study established that the main goal of the new website was to increase members’ level of service experience while increasing the proportion of online membership applications.


Digitalist’s Input

To carry out a preliminary study into a completed website, Digitalist, with Unionen’s help, transformed the goal into a feasible development project in Drupal. Workshops and interviews with project managers, users and the IT department were used to analyse existing systems and business processes to lay the basis for the requirement specification.

The development project was then carried out using Scrum, with regular times for sprint planning, status meetings and sprint presentations. In between, working meetings and steering group meetings were planned when needed.

During the project, Unionen had a permanent desk at Digitalist, a routine that continues with two people from Unionen working one day a week at the Digitalist office.

A few aspects of the solution worth highlighting:

  • The site is clearly completely responsive
  • Strict security requirements for member information
  • Drupal comprehensive taxonomy system was used to create the data structure

Further development of this project is ongoing and new releases of the site take place regularly. Digitalist is responsible for both operations and application support. Alongside this, Digitalist is running smaller development projects to bring new and improved features to the site.

Naturally, there are plenty of lessons to learn from such a large project as for Unionen, which is still in progress.

Something we are especially grateful for is that the Unionen product owners encouraged us not to relax and be content with merely being suppliers and taking orders; instead, we were encouraged to constantly try to help the organisation question what needed to be done.