Using brand to drive a complex airline merger

Unify the complex merging of 12 companies and 8 brands to create an airline brand that would become a driving force to create a better alternative for both customers and employees.

Well aware that employees and personal service is crucial for success the positioning “Flygbolaget närmare dig” (The airline closer to you) has become a unifying vision for a fragmented organization on the fly. What makes the work even more exciting is that BRA has used its trade mark, design and story behind the position as a catalyst for change.

Aircraft design has an almost iconic status. The BRA striped tail fin is based on the design philosophy, diversity and local presence. This pattern is also found in the logo and as design elements throughout the customer journey, from online booking to breakfast served on board. A success factor has also been to develop new, stylish and practical uniforms for all job situations to instil employee pride and create everyday job satisfaction.

BRA was successfully launched on all destinations 29 February 2016.

If you want to know more, contact:
Elsa Victorin, Business Director, Head of Marketing, +46 70 963 27 26