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Antti Kujala from Amer Sports & Suunto talks about design and the importance of having it represented in the top management

Digitalist // May 06 2020

This time Esa Nettamo from Digitalist has invited Antti Kujala to join him in the Ideas to Life Podcast studio. Antti Kujala has an interesting role as the Director of Design at Amer Sports while at the same time Heading the Design at Suunto, one of the sub-brands of Amer Sports. In the podcast he talks about how it is to drive design and digital business in a group where you are working with many different independent brands. The challenge is to be able to drive the physical goods brands outside their comfort zone and find scalable digital assets that can drive them revenue.

One topic that Antti Kujala is especially stressing is that companies should better understand the value of including design in their top management. By having design as a part of the top management companies are able to incorporate design thinking in their strategy and overall ways of working.

Antti Kujala is also talking about experimenting and how important he sees that as a tool for design. However, he thinks that experimenting is still somewhat difficult for many companies but he encourages to give it a chance since today you need to change constantly and experimenting is a good tool to gain understanding in how you should change.

To hear more from Antti Kujala, listen to the entire podcast.