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How should you treat customer experience and brand together?

Blog | How should you treat customer experience and brand together?

Students working on prototype

Blog | Students building a better tool for communication between the school, students and parents

Breakfast meetup

Event | How should customer experience and brand be treated together?

Customer Experience and Brand

Event | Why should Customer Experience and Brand be treated together?

Sales Design eliminates friction between the buyer and seller

Blog | Sales Design eliminates friction between the buyer and seller

Blog | Providing valuable work-life experiences to young people

Insight OPS meetup

Blog | The future of data-driven solutions and the concept of insight repositories – thoughts from our meetup

Blog | Asiakaskokemuksen innovaatiotyö vähentää riskejä ja lisää onnistumisen mahdollisuuksia

Blog | Mimmit koodaa – itsensä töihin

Blog | Customer experience adds competitiveness – How to create memorable encounters?

Blog | Rapid business experimentation inside the 400 year-old postal service provider Posti

Petteri Poutiainen

Blog | “The customer always looks at the whole picture” – This is how customer experience development has changed

Albert Einsterin and other decorating objects

Blog | Everyone knows what strategy is, right?

White king chess piece knocking down a black king piece

Blog | Great design provides huge competitive advantage – but is it enough? What if your business would be Experience-Driven?

White Playstation console game controller

Blog | Gamification Trends and Benchmarks in Employee Experience (With free trend report)

Hand microphone on a man's hand with tattoos and black-and-white wrist watch

Blog | “Hey voice user interfaces, are we there yet?”

Illustration of a never-ending loop containing houses, factories and transportation methods

Video | Webinar: Circular Economy Essentials for Customer Experience Innovation

Woman with a mask thinking about the world

Video | Webinar: Prototyping tomorrow, innovation during challenging times

Illustration of teaching people via a webinar screens

Video | Webinar: Remote Co-creation

Laptop computer sitting in a dark room running a green Matrix screensaver

Blog | WinRM+Ansible

Apple iPad displaying a landscape

Blog | Digital Transformation: Augmented Reality (AR) Customer Experience

Man with a thought bubble

Podcast | Rashmi Kasat-Majakorppi from Metso talks about innovative business development through their digital garage

Man with a thought bubble

Podcast | Antti Kujala from Amer Sports & Suunto talks about design and the importance of having it represented in the top management

Man with a thought bubble

Podcast | Maria Uhari-Pakkalin from Fortum talks about how Fortum engages with their design, R&D, and their overall customer experience journey

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