Illustration of a never-ending loop containing houses, factories and transportation methods

Webinar: Circular Economy Essentials for Customer Experience Innovation

Digitalist Events // MAY 20 2020

Circular Economy (CE) has long been changing the way manufacturers make, and service companies sell. However, for B2B and B2C relationships, it also means a different way of doing business, and that’s where creativity and innovation come in. Companies that actively search for new innovative methods, while steadily growing and remaining sustainable have exciting stories to share with the world.

The success of CE is dependent on acceptance by customers and regulators (Political influencers) that they too must change the way they interact and behave. Will we see a momentous change in the way businesses, specifically towards customer experience (CX), move towards a circular economy over the next couple of years?

Introducing to you:

Anssi Paalanen & Boas Jonsson – Head of WEEE recycling, and Project Manager Fortum
Jonas Kronlund – Corporate Responsibility Manager, Elisa Oyj
Riikka Paarma – Director, Circular Economy, Stora Enso
Liselotte Tingvall & Mats Linder – Executive Advisor Insight & Innovation, and Director, Circular Economy,

On the agenda:

Each company representative had a 15-minute centre staged keynote to open the topic of Customer experience innovation by doing circular economy business.

  • 4 keynote speeches with real case examples.
  • Roundtable discussions with audience questions.
  • Professionals with their expertise and enthusiasm for Circular Economy and Customer Experience.

The webinar was hosted by Alexander Rodichev and Jane Vita, Digitalist. Together, they made up our dynamic duo with expertise and enthusiasm towards a more sustainable future.

Feel like speaking in a webinar with us? Please reach out to With the immense success we had from this webinar, we intend on continuing this conversation, internal plans are underway.