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Webinar: Prototyping tomorrow, innovation during challenging times

Digitalist Events // MAY 20 2020

In this webinar, we shared a panel discussion with Akseli Herlevi, Owner, Naughty BRGR, Anni Tuominen, Customers, Heltti, and Ari-Pekka Hietala, Head of Services, iLOQ Oy. Together, they shared how they are managing to stay relevant and innovate during what seems to be the toughest period in our lifetime.

During the webinar, we discussed the definitions and what it means to innovate, in addition to outlining incremental innovation. The company representatives also gave their viewpoints and advice on how others should react quickly, be open-minded, and test their tactics for the longevity of their businesses by creating completely new business opportunities.

The webinar has taken place on the 19th of May 2020 and was hosted remotely by Esa Nettamo, from Digitalist Group. If you’ve missed the live webinar, feel free to enjoy it here once more: