Arkadiankatu 2, P.O. Box 486,
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Esa Nettamo, +358 40 543 1195
Mikko Sjöblom, +358 44 273 3188
Ville Österlund, +358 40 513 8001
Harri Kaukovalta, +358 50 452 5315

Our HQ in the heart of Helsinki

Located in central Helsinki, our studio is the most staffed office globally with around 100 Digis sharing an open-floor space, allowing co-creation and innovation to happen constantly.

In our studios, you can find our Innovation Inn where customers are free to use for workshops and events. The office is home to our internal start-up Elephant Kombucha, in addition to an instilled vibe of busy and relaxation all at once.

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