Digital Showroom for age of remote engagement


When one of the world’s most prestigious rifle and cartridge brands Sako started their centennial celebration year they faced an unexpected challenge. The world was being disrupted by covid19 and traditional trade fairs, exhibitions and international sales visits were being cancelled at break-neck speed.

How to engage with customers, partners and resellers in a remote world?

Sako- ja Tikka-kiväärejä virtuaalisessa näyttelytilassa


Together with event company Tapaus we have co-created Sako Showroom, a virtual replica of Sako factory museum turned into a showroom with digital product displays, virtual live events broadcasted from green-screen studio and hub for brand content such as videos, images and 3D models that bring Sako story to life. It’s a unique opportunity to dive into Sako’s world and discover who they are, how do they work and what do they stand for?

Virtuaalisen näyttelytilan lounge-alue, jossa nahkaisia nojatuoleja ja Sakon tuotteita pöydällä
Sakon legendaariset historiaaliset asemallit aikajanalla

If you want to know more, contact Magnus Leijonborg, CEO, Digitalist Group or Jussi Hermunen, Managing Director