Digitalist continues to work with the City of Helsinki to design the future of the city


Digitalist continues to work with the City of Helsinki to design the future of the city


In June 2022 the City of Helsinki chose Digitalist as its service partner for the following two years. The new frame agreement will further deepen the partnership that has already existed between the City of Helsinki and Digitalist. We have worked with the City of Helsinki by providing service design and extensive research services for the project since 2018. As part of this work we have been responsible for the new online community, that contains more than 600 citizens who are co-creating services together with the City of Helsinki.

The leading idea of Helsinki’s ​​strategy is the constant growth of the city. In addition to population and economic growth, this means, for example, that Helsinki is a good place to grow up from child to adult, to increase the skills of its citizens, and grow all the good the city has to offer as a community. The urban strategy of Helsinki includes measures to prevent inequality and exclusion as well. At Digitalist we are proud to be at the top of the market when it comes to inclusive organizational design and will implement this knowledge together with the City of Helsinki to make the design capital of Finland a hub for growth and development.

The estimated overall value of the City of Helsinki’s framework agreement was EUR 22 million euros. Digitalist came out as the winner of the service- and organizational design category, with full points from every criteria. In the motivation for the grading Digitalist got for example complimented for extensive customer- and user centricity. The motivation also stated that Digitalist has been able to identify significant forces of change that have a profound effect on the business. These have also been taken into account in an exceptionally extensive way in the user-oriented development process, thus creating the basis for futures thinking.

“I’m happy to see that the City of Helsinki is investing in customer-driven culture, employee experience and design-driven strategy development through organisational design. We are delighted to be a part of that work and provide them with our expertise also within that field”, says Mikko Koivisto, Service Design Director at Digitalist. “Since we already have been working together with the City of Helsinki within service design for a few years, we have gained an understanding of the orgaization, which gives us the opportunity to make a true impact with our design work. This new contract will further strengthen our partnership and allows us to truly contribute to the future of the City of Helsinki”, he concludes.