LeanLab community – the link between you and your customers

LeanLab brings customers to the heart of your business. Form a direct link to your customers using LeanLab community platform and let them co-create their own customer experience with you!

Build a community with your customers

LeanLab is an interactive platform that connects you with your customers. This allows you to engage with your customers directly and build a deep understanding of their needs.

Using your community insights, you can design better products and services. Customers also enjoy the experience and feel more valued, generating additional advocacy for your brand.

LeanLab has delivered more than 500 projects globally, with studies ranging from a hundred to more than 12,000 members. You can run projects yourself, or we can help you to build, manage and moderate.

Platform features

With a wide range of engaging participatory activities, our programs provide engaging experiences for customers, while you gather all the intelligence you need to achieve.

Whether you’re focusing on products & services, branding & communications or channels and touchpoints, LeanLab will equip you with everything you need to succeed.


LeanLab Community Features

What you will get

GDPR compliant

The platform ensures privacy to the members.

Background survey
To be able to join the community each member fills in a background survey. This information is then available for segmentation, analysis and targeting (i.e. no need to ask basic questions repeatedly).

Brand your community
Use your logo, colours and brand related images.

Easy and versatile tools for grouping members for targeting content and segment specific activities.

Panel Health
Easy access to groups of members who are in danger of becoming inactive. Follow easily the numbers of active users and activities, which generate most interest.

Choose the most suitable incentive program for you
You can select a points system or give the option for members to participate in regular prize draws.

Mobile app
The community itself is mobile optimized. In addition, a mobile app can be published to enable easy log in and additional reminders through notifications.

Reporting options
All reporting is in real time and allows several ways of analysing, downloading and sharing the results (online, excel, pdf). In addition, all discussions can be tagged in real time, while going through the comments. This saves a lot of time when analysing the results.

Choose the best way to build and maintain your community

Let us do it.

Let us do the magic for you. This is the turnkey solution.

Do it with us.

Let's co-create your community.

Do it yourself.

Run the community programme yourself.



Finnair is a network airline specialised in flying passengers and cargo between Asia and Europe. Finnair flies to 19 destinations in Asia, seven in the Americas States and over 100 destinations in Europe.


Finnair integrates the customer’s voice in their product and service development throughout the whole company. Finnair uses LeanLab in its key market areas.


We act as an insight consultant in the LeanLab projects. We help in the community recruitment, research design, facilitating and analysing the results. Digitalist delivered a turnkey version of LeanLab where the customer is involved in every step of the project.


With several projects and numerous gathered insights from the community Finnair has more tangible and relevant tools for their product and service development.

Bauer Media

Publishes magazines, makes radio programmes and designs digital formats in 20 countries on four continents. Bauer Media has over 600 magazines worldwide, more than 400 digital media outlets, and over 100 radio and TV stations.


Need to digitalize and make music testing more engaging to allow for more realistic and proactive development of radio content.


LeanLab Music community, with a custom music survey and mobile application designed for flexible and real-time feedback and listening behavior.


A more flexible and cost efficient way of testing music for radio, creating a more relevant music offering on Bauer Media’s radio channels.


Global premium media provider with a suite of multimedia ad experiences and 140M users in 60+ countries and billions of data points.


Need to gather high quality data on advertisers’ campaigns’ impact across platforms and in a custom app environment globally, to prove Spotify’s added value as a premium media environment.


Custom ad tracking across platforms and Campaign Impact studies using the LeanLab survey tool.


Concrete insights into advertisers’ campaign performance on Spotify, which help build and strengthen client relationships and sales in 29 countries across the globe.

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