Color Line

Cruise experience reimagined


Color Line is a Norwegian cruise ferry company that offers short leisure cruises, route travel and cargo services between Norway, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Color Line serves over 4 million customers every year.

Today’s travellers expect a frictionless experience that supersizes the vacation fun and minimises hassle. The customer wants a personalised experience that flows naturally between digital and physical worlds and anticipates their needs and desires, making discovery, purchase and consumption of onboard services easy.

For Color Line this meant rethinking the entire customer journey to discover and capture opportunities, enhance the passenger experience and boost ancillary purchases before, during and after the cruise.

Various views of colourful look and feel of the Color Line cruise app


Digitalist team worked together with clients’ key functions to co-create a vision and roadmap for passenger-centric transformation. Together we looked for creative ways to increase the value of the experience by focusing on the customers and their needs. How could we help passengers to experience more, buy more easily and feel that the ship’s services are tailored just for them?

We designed a mobile application that acts as a passengers’ primary hub for all onboard services. The app helps passengers to discover services, answer their questions and provide a tool for initiating services or purchase processes. The goal was to make sure that Color Line’s friendly and attentive service is always as close as your mobile phone.

The solution allows Color Line to develop perceived customer value, scale the delivery of attentive personalised services and open new revenue streams for ancillary sales.

In app drink ordering on Color Line cruise experience
Color Fantasy sailing on a sea on good weather

If you want to know more, contact Jussi Hermunen, Managing Director