Tomorrows Experiences with Honda’s Electric Generation


Automotive industry is facing huge challenges as technologies, business models and customers expectations are getting disrupted at unprecedented pace. To meet these challenges manufacturers need to rethink the status quo of how they deliver value for the car owners not just through technology, but also through brand, customer experience and new innovative services. As we move forward, the Customer Experience of a vehicle buyer is no longer defined by the amount of chrome, leather or horsepower. Instead it’s tailored by software, crafted by connected services and designed by multi-talented and customer focused teams, who are driven by brand, customer insight and a clear vision of the future-proof CX.

White Honda E car driving to futuristic looking city


Since 2014 Honda and Digitalist Group have collaborated to push the level of customer experience innovation related to driving, owning and improving your vehicle. First released work was pioneering in-vehicle App-Store and cloud connected car solution which was published at Mondial de l’Automobile (Paris Auto Show) and subsequently rolled-out to all European Honda vehicles. Since then we have together innovated connected car and user experience related technologies for Honda’s global audience and worked on both dashboard UX and digital platforms. Some of the visible outputs can be seen in the fully electric Honda E, which is bringing Honda’s electric vision to life. Honda E delivers a connected car experience that uses our Experience Store technology to manage the dashboard applications. Honda E is also one of the first vehicles rocking a car wide digital dashboard for which we designed various UX candy, including the virtual aquarium that takes over the dashboard when the vehicle is stationary.

By combining design, technology and customer driven innovation Honda has future-proofed it’s brand and product experience to evolve for the needs of tomorrow’s customers. We are proud to work with Honda Motor company on a continuous basis.

White Honda E car back right view on stylistic minimalist ambience
Honda E’s car wide digital dashboard

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