Driving strategy with Employee Experience


Nowadays postal organizations face profitability challenges all over the world and volumes of traditional letter mail are shrinking. Therefore organizations need to rethink their purpose, operational efficiency and workforce engagement and they are forced to reinvent new revenue streams.

Our primary goal with Posti (Finnish post) was to help delivery workers to become more self-driven, engaged and connected. Secondary target was to discover optimal ways-of-working and create a performance measurement model. Posti needed an employee experience platform and strategy that would drive desired behaviors (teamwork, customer centricity, taking initiatives), to facilitate modern management models and retain top talents.

Posti Route Master app for gamification of employer experience


We teamed up with key people of Posti and their IT partner Infosys to co-create an employee experience vision. We started the project by streamlining the induction program and making it as smooth as possible for the new employees. At the later stages the scope was extended to cover the whole lifecycle of employee journey and daily key moments.

A key to the solution was the Posti Mobile which is a company wide workforce management tool. Essentially a mobile device that all delivery employees carry in the field when making their routes. This device became the prime interface for connecting the workers with the new engagement model. After discovering the needs and aspirations of both workers and Posti as an employer alike, we designed a gamified engagement model that connects these two. It rewards workers for right actions as well as keeping them informed of their teams activities and supports them in their daily work. We designed various new concepts which were experimented and validated in the field, in Lean Startup mode, before production by Posti’s IT partner Infosys.

The Route Master has been a huge success for Posti and it is helping them to meet the challenges of tomorrow – future-proofing their business and workforce management.

Reward confetti animation on Posti Route Master app
Mail delivery badges on Posti Route Master app

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