City of Tampere has selected Digitalist as their Service Design partner


City of Tampere has selected Digitalist as their Service Design partner


The City of Tampere has chosen Digitalist to become its partner in service design from the beginning of 2023. This partnership makes the City of Tampere yet another city to join our city design clientele, which already consists of the City of Helsinki and the City of Turku

Digitalist was chosen to partner with the City of Tampere within service design for the following two years, with an optional continuation of additional two years. In the evaluations we got credited for our visionary way to ensure the effectiveness of service design projects.

“We are very excited to be able to further strengthen our footprint within the Finnish public sector and utilise our ‘city design’ expertise, that we have gained over the years working with many cities to advance service design and help them become more customer-driven”, says Mikko Koivisto, Service Design Director at Digitalist. “We want to be designing the future of cities in a way that has a real impact on both the cities and the citizens. That’s why we involve citizens, civil servants, and city workers to co-create a better life in urban environments”, Mikko concludes.

In it’s strategy the City of Tampere calls itself the city of the future. It states that it wants to be a forerunner and lead the way towards a community spirit that fuels future well-being, creativity and innovation. Tampere also wants to provide it’s citizens equal opportunities to realize themself. They see that the city of the future is created together and power for development lies within each citizen. Helping the City of Tampere realize it’s strategy is really exciting and we are eager to start our collaboration.

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