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Digitalist Group’s website privacy policy

Tietosuojaseloste: Digitalist Groupin toteuttamat asiakaskokemus-, käytettävyys- ja käyttäjätutkimukset


Digitalist Group conducts various types of research based on assignments from its clients and/or partners, which you can participate in to influence the quality of the products or services you use or advertising you are presented with, among other things.

The typical research situations comprise research sessions for individuals or groups, various online studies and surveys, studies related to online communities or consumer panels or combinations of the aforementioned.

In some studies, the participants may be remunerated with a participation fee or rewards may be raffled among the participants.

Digitalist Group acts as the controller of the register for the personal data collected during the research. In addition, those client and/or partner companies of Digitalist Group on whose assignment the research is conducted also act as controllers regarding the personal data that Digitalist Group discloses to said companies. The contact information for Digitalist Group can be found below in this statement, and the contact information of the controller who purchased the study is always provided during participation in the study.

1. Controller details

Data Controller:

Digitalist Group Plc’s Business ID: 0997039-6
Address: Siltasaarenkatu 18-20 C, 00530 Helsinki

Contact information for register matters:

You can contact the data protection officer by email at

2. Protection of Privacy

The information provided by participants/respondents is confidential and only used for research purposes as well as monitoring and documenting participation in the research.

The results are reported in such a manner that the identity of the participants/respondents is not revealed. Individual responses/comments are not connected with the personal data of the participants/respondents.

Digitalist Group respects your privacy in all situations. Your name, address, email address, telephone number, other personal data, and the responses you have provided are processed in the manner required by protection of privacy.

The aim of the research performed by Digitalist Group is to gather information to support the decision- making of companies, communities, and public organizations and to improve the understanding of the client regarding the needs of the target group.

Participation in the studies is always voluntary.

2. Processed Personal Data

The following personal data pertaining to the people participating in the research may be processed by Digitalist Group:


Basic information such as forename and lastname

Contact information such as e-mail address, phone number, address and/or municipality of residence

Information related to the research such as information regarding the response and which study the data subject has participated in; research date information; information regarding the forms signed during participation in the study;

Information regarding possible video recordings and photography consent forms as well as the date of registration for the information

Market research purposes as well as monitoring and documenting participation in the research; Delivering and improving our products and services.

Monitor participation in the research (e.g. who has participated in research for a certain subject matter, within what timeframe, what was the previous gender distribution or regional coverage).

Legitimate interest in managing and developing the customer relationship


3. Data Collection Methods

Digitalist Group recruits/invites participants/respondents to its studies by phone, email, and through website and/or online communities, for example.

Where necessary, the recruiter/inviter/separately specified contact person for the research can provide you with additional information on how we have obtained your contact information (register source).

In addition, the research participants may be sent an official email invite, in which case the email invites will explain/indicate how we have obtained your contact information (register source). For inquiries related to personal data, you can contact the sender of the email invite/the separately specified contact person for the research and/or the company or community maintaining the personal data register directly.

The register data in the Research participant database (history information database), incl. other registers created during the signing of forms and creation of recordings and the related consents, are generally collected from the data subjects themselves. Consent is requested in writing. With some studies, we may also receive personal data from the client or partner company on whose assignment the research is conducted or from public data records (such as the databases of the Population Register).

4. Disclosing and Transferring Data

When you participate in or respond to a study carried out by Digitalist Group, you provide written consent (either by signing a form or accepting separate written terms for participation in the study online) for the processing and storage of your personal data for research purposes requested while conducting the study.

In principle, your personal data is not handed over to third parties without your specific consent for their use. The results of the research are always provided to the client using methods that prevent deducing the respondent’s identity from them.

Video recordings created during the research are used to analyze the research and to support notes for reporting purposes. A video recording of the participant’s face is made because expressions can also provide additional relevant information for analysis. In addition, videos may be used to ensure quality of the research and validity of the conclusions based on a client’s request. The name and contact information of the participants is not directly linked with the video recordings, but the participant may be identifiable from the facial image created during the video recording. The video recordings are not handed over to third parties outside of Digitalist Group or the client on whose assignment the research is conducted.

The personal data required to provide remuneration is only used for that purpose and under certain conditions to fulfil the requirements of the Tax Administration, and they are not handed over further.

Mandatory legislation may also require us to disclose personal data to competent authorities as well as hand over personal data to a potential buyer and their advisers in connection with a business transfer or another form of business acquisition.

However, Digitalist Group may from time to time allow access to personal data or hand over or transfer them to its other companies within the same group (additional information about group companies is available at in the Register of Prospectus, and to certain service providers and subcontractors who participate in the production of operations that Digitalist Group uses in the processing of personal data. Regarding these types of transfers, Digitalist Group takes the necessary precautions (such as concluding agreements) to ensure that the parties receiving the data are appropriately committed to data protection. The service providers of Digitalist Group are committed to the fact that they are not allowed to process the personal data they process on behalf of Digitalist Group for any other purposes than what is described in this statement.

In principle, personal data is not transferred outside the EU/EEA. Some clients who have purchased research services from Digitalist Group or partners to whom Digitalist Group transfers video recordings, for example, as described above, may however be located in countries outside of the EU or EEA, where the level of data protection may not necessarily be the same as in your country. In these cases, Digitalist Group will ensure data protection during transfers by, for example, concluding a transfer agreement with the purchaser based on model contract clauses provided by the EU Commission. Additional information on the protective measures Digitalist Group uses for transfers is available by contacting Digitalist Group using the below contact information.

5. Information Security and Data Protection

The data stored by Digitalist Group is protected appropriately against inappropriate access and accidental or illegal deletion, modification, disclosure, transfer or some other illegal processing. Access to the systems containing the data is only available to employees who have the right to handle the personal data of research participants based on their work. The information provided by research participants is stored in a cloud service and/or database protected by a password and firewall.

Electronically stored register data: some personal data (usually name and contact information; information on the research the subject has participated in; information on forms signed by the subject and information on the recordings created while conducting the research) is stored in the Research participant database (history information database) for a maximum of six years. Access to this database is only available to employees who have the right to handle the data in question based on their work. Personal data is stored in a cloud service and/or database protected by a password and firewall.

Manually produced materials (e.g. signed forms) are stored in a locked area for a maximum of six years and can only be accessed by employees who have the right to handle the data in question based on their work.

6. Cookies

Digitalist Group uses cookies to enable inviting participants to its surveys/studies via websites. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and may be stored on your devices and which enable using certain features online and in some services with your computer, smart phone or tablet, for example. The invitee’s cookie identification information cannot be connected with their personal data or contact information.

Cookies do not facilitate viewing or copying information stored on the invitee’s terminal device.

If you want to change or edit your cookie preferences you can do it via “cookie preferences” link at our website. Additional information regarding cookie management and removal is available at

7. Storage of Personal Data

The data in the Research participant database (history information database) and forms signed during participation in the research are stored for a maximum of six years as required by the accounting legislation, after which the data will be disposed of.

Video recordings possibly created while conducting a study with the written consent of the participant are stored for as long as necessary to complete the research project, but no longer than one year, after which the video recordings will be disposed of. If video recordings are handed over to the client who purchased the research, the client becomes an independent controller and all liability for handling the video recordings is transferred to the new controller in full.

Photos possibly taken of persons during participation in a study with the written consent of the participant are only used to illustrate research reports, brochures, and other project-related materials and are only stored for as long as the material for which the photographs are used exists. Project materials are not specifically disposed of. Photographs taken while conducting research for a project will not be used for marketing purposes or linked with the participant’s name or other identifying information.

The information provided during research is stored for as long as necessary to complete the research projects.

Digitalist Group may at any time and without advance warning amend these conditions of use and amend or modify the contents of this website or prevent access to this website.

8. Study Rewards and Raffles

As remuneration for participating in our studies, we may provide participants with a reward: typically, in the form of a gift voucher, movie ticket, product, or similar prize. Digitalist Group reserves the right to specify the contents, type, and value of the potential prizes on a study-by-study basis and may refrain from remunerating the participants completely if necessary.

For some studies conducted by Digitalist Group, rewards may be raffled off among the participants. Participation in the raffles is always voluntary and participation in a raffle is not a requirement for participation in a study.

Participation in a raffle requires you to provide your contact information (such as name and email address). The contact information provided to participate in a raffle is only used for completing the raffle and delivery of the rewards, and they will not be linked with the responses or information provided by you.

Contact information provided for the raffle will be deleted automatically after the expiry date of the raffle specified in the rules of the raffle, in so far as we do not have a legal right or obligation to store certain information due to tax or accounting liabilities or to prevent fraud.

Digitalist Group carries out the raffle and it is organized by the client, whose information can be found in the rules of the raffle.

9. Your Rights

The applicable data protection legislation grants you several rights, which Digitalist Group has also committed to comply within its operations. Under certain additional conditions provided by law, you have the following rights related to the processed personal data pertaining to you:

  1. the right to request a copy of the personal data pertaining to you stored by us and certain information related to the processing of your personal data;
  2. the right to request restriction of processing your personal data in certain situations, e.g. when you dispute the accuracy of personal data or when we no longer need the personal data for their original purpose, but the data is required to establish a legal claim or to defend against one;
  3. the right to request deletion of your personal data in certain situations, g. when your personal data is no longer needed for the purposes they were originally collected or processed for (the right to be forgotten);
  4. the right to object to processing that is based on our legitimate interests;
  5. the right to withdraw your consent for the processing at any time when our processing is based on your consent;
  6. the right to request that we update your personal data or rectify incorrect personal data; and
  7. the right to lodge a claim with the local competent authority, who, in Finland for example, is the Data Protection Ombudsman (

If you wish to exercise the rights mentioned above, you may do so by contacting Digitalist Group using the contact information provided below. We may have to request additional information regarding your identity before we can fulfil your request in order to ensure that you are authorized to issue the request in question.

If you would like to  turn off customer research related personalized ads on your device, follow these general steps.

  • On Android device, go to your Google Account and on the left navigation panel, click Data & personalization. While there on the Ad personalization panel, click Go to ad settings. Click the switch next to Ad Personalization OFF.
  • On iPhone or iPad with iOS, go to Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising and tap to turn off Personalized Ads.
  • On Mac, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy, select Apple Advertising, and deselect Personalized Ads.
  • On Windows 10 machine, go to Start > Settings > Privacy, select the General tab then toggle off the following option: “Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps (turning this off will reset your ID)”
  • If a service provider (e.g. Spotify) has its own setting for personalized ads under privacy settings of your account, disable personalized ads there too

10. Questions and Answers

Where did you get my contact information?

Your contact information was retrieved either from the dedicated user/participant database maintained by Digitalist Group or our partners or in some cases from other registers maintained by our clients or partners. Potential participants are usually contacted by email or telephone, through a participant form on a website or an online community. Official invites to individual or group research sessions are often sent by email.

How can I remove my contact information?

To remove your contact information from our register, you may contact the controller directly or the person who invited you to participate in the research/contact person for the research identified separately. inviter/contact person can also provide you with additional information regarding the register when necessary.

What data pertaining to me have you collected (in relation to this study)?

If you have consented to the collection of certain data/signed forms while participating in research, we have access to the personal data you have provided during your registration and participation in the research, such as name and contact information as well as possible video and photographic records, to which you have consented separately.

How can you ensure that my identity is not revealed to the purchaser of the research?

Your contact information is never connected with the responses you have provided, so individual participants cannot be identified from the processed research data.

I want to know what register information Digitalist Group has on me?

Data subject have the right to review the data pertaining to them stored in the register and the right to demand rectification or deletion of the data.

The request to review the data must be presented in writing or in person to Digitalist Group using the above contact information.

Data subjects can exercise their right to review the data once per year free of charge.